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Ways to Avoid Drunk Driving Accidents During the Holidays

During the holiday season, you can have many celebrations on your social calendar. Whether you are a host or attending a meeting, social gathering, or other types of parties, you have plenty of chances to enjoy the festive spirit of the seasons and drink alcohol. Unfortunately, even though you should drink responsibly, you cannot control what other people do before you go out after a night of drinking. At Titan Towing in Arlington, TX our team has spent years working with people from across the DFW Metroplex who are caught in frustrating situations on the busy roadways in the area, so we know how important it can be to avoid dealing with a drunk driver.

Getting into an accident with a drunk driver can be much more dangerous than in other situations, and it is never a good idea to let someone go out on the road if they’ve had a few drinks. To help people get a better idea of the best ways to make sure that they’re not letting their friends go out on the road after they’ve had too much to drink, we decided it would be good to spend a little time going over a few basic things to think about.

Always Have a Designated Driver

If you go with a group of friends, choose a specific person in your group as a non-drinker to make sure you all have a safe way home. If your designated driver decides to have a few drinks with everyone else, then be on the safe side and take a taxi or rideshare service. Try your best not to let your friend drive after drinking (even if you need to take away someone’s key). If you have no other choice, reserve a hotel room for the night or see if you can stay with a friend. Either of these options can be very helpful when you drink and there is no good way to go home. This might not be the ideal situation, but it’s better than putting yourself or someone else’s life at risk.

Have a Few Warm Places to Sleep and Food Ready

If you are having a Christmas party and serving alcohol, do your best to make sure your guests are safe. Offer your couch to anyone who needs some rest before going out. For guests who leave after the party is over, make sure they go with a driver who is not drunk. Have a taxi service or rideshare service that is convenient for those who need it and consider offering to pay the fee. Stop drinking alcohol for an hour or two before your party ends to make sure no one decides to drink even more drinks along the way.

At the party itself, make sure you have various options for your distribution. Serve lots of food to slow down your alcohol consumption. Also, avoid salty snacks that make people thirsty and want to drink more. Make sure you offer casual drinks like soft drinks, soda, juice, and water. Never encourage your guests to drink when they don’t want to, and never serve alcohol to minors who may be at the gathering.

Think About Avoiding Driving, Even if You’re Sober

It’s safest to avoid getting on the road completely during public holidays, but if you need to drive, make sure your car is well maintained. With a well-maintained vehicle, you will have maximum control in situations where you might be dealing with a drunk driver. Working brakes and good tires will allow you to stop, spin and accelerate quickly to avoid danger. Always pay attention to the environment around you and keep a safe distance from other vehicles because drunk drivers are usually unpredictable. When partying at a bar, you should avoid staying there too long. Most drunk driving accidents occur very late at night or early in the morning when bars tend to close. Leave the road before closing and stay away from the road between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning if at all possible.

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