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Got a Junk Car? We Can Take it Off Your Hands

Whether you have an old family vehicle that is now just accumulating dust or a car that suffered a severe wreck, your junk car is our treasure. Not only can we get it off your property and out of your way, but you can pocket a little cash when you call us to handle your junk vehicle.

Your Trash Is Our Treasure

At Titan Towing, we understand that not all vehicles are created equal. Some cars have seen better days, and when they break down, it can be tempting to abandon them on the side of the road. However, we believe that your trash is our treasure. That’s right – we are in the business of buying junk vehicles.

We Can Buy Your Old Junk Car

If you have an old junk car that you need to get rid of, we can help. At Titan Towing, we will buy your junk car for cash. We don’t care about the condition of your vehicle – whether it’s running or not, we’re interested. We will offer you a fair price for your car, and we’ll take care of the paperwork and towing. All you have to do is sit back and collect your cash.

We Can Haul Your Junk Car Off

If your old junk car is taking up space in your yard or garage, it’s time to get rid of it. At Titan Towing, we have a towing crew that we can put to work when it comes to collection. We can haul off your old vehicle so you can free up some space. We have the equipment to safely and efficiently tow your car away, no matter where it’s located. Whether you want your garage to be more open or you need more space to store various tools and equipment, or maybe you want to convert your garage into a hangout space, you’ve got to get your old junk car out of your way.

What Is a Junk Vehicle?

A junk vehicle is typically defined as a car that is no longer roadworthy or is not worth repairing. These cars may have significant mechanical problems, body damage, or be too old to be of value. They may also be cars that have been abandoned and are taking up valuable space. That doesn’t mean that we don’t find value in them, we can harvest the parts or repair it when you simply don’t have the time or care to deal with it. 

Too Damaged To Drive? You Need A Tow.

If your vehicle is too damaged to drive, you’ll need a tow. At Titan Towing, we specialize in towing all types of vehicles, including those that are not running. We have the equipment to safely and efficiently tow your car to our location or to the location of your choice. It’s a hassle and huge annoyance when you have a junk vehicle taking up valuable space on your property. We know you have way better uses for your space, so if you have an old vehicle you don’t know what to do with, give us a call and we can help you out.

Call Titan Towing for Your Junk Vehicle

If you have a junk vehicle that you need to get rid of, call Titan Towing at(817) 804-0334 or contact us anytime. We will buy your car for cash, haul it off, and take care of all the paperwork. Your trash is our treasure, and a little extra cash in your pocket. Our team of experts will make the process easy and stress-free. Don’t let that old car take up valuable space – call us today and turn your trash into treasure.

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