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Are Aggressive Apartment Towing Practices Legal?

Many residents in Dallas-Fort Worth have fallen victim to having their cars towed right outside their own homes. These frustrating towing practices are making many apartment complex residents question the legality of it all. Unlike other towing companies in the Metroplex who are sitting in wait to tow unsuspecting people’s cars, Titan Towing is a name you can trust. We don’t make money through shady practices; we do honest work because we want to help. Whether you need towing, roadside service, or getting into your locked car, Titan Towing is ready and able to assist.

What Are These Questionable Practices?

A lot of DFW apartment complexes require their residents to register their cars online in order for them to be parked on the premises. Cars that are found to not be registered will be towed and the owners will receive a fine. Some have found that within minutes of their cars being parked, the vehicles have been towed away — faster than the amount of time it takes to even register the vehicle. It turns out that many apartments are partnering with towing companies to make these registration sites and then to continuously monitor the complex for any car that is not registered. Their goal is to have vehicles towed within minutes of being parked outside.

What Has the City Done About It?

Although this is obviously unfair, there is nothing illegal about it. The owners of the complexes have the right to decide how parking works on their premises because they are privately owned properties. Previously, the county outlawed a trend among apartment owners which required residents to renew their registrations once a month, as this led to many people acquiring fines and getting towed. The county found that practice was simply not permissible, but clearly apartments and towing companies have found another way to police the parking habits of residents.

How Can They Be Fought?

As of right now, lawmakers seem unsure about how to combat these issues without having to constantly make new laws or alter the existing ones. Lawmakers have acknowledged that this should not be allowed and seem to be brainstorming ways to stop it from continuing. For apartment residents, they can continue to file complaints against participating complexes and towing companies with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Titan Towing: The Most Trustworthy Towing Company in All of DFW

Some companies simply want to make money, regardless of how it hurts people. Many people cannot afford to pay a towing company to release their car or to pay their complex for the non-registered vehicle fines. Despite these harmful practices, not all towing companies in DFW are trying to take advantage of the community.

At Titan Towing, customer service is our number one priority. We work to help DFW residents, not to work with companies who want to manipulate them. If you have any questions about our services or need assistance now, call Titan at (817) 804-0334 or visit our website. We provide the best towing services at an honest price throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and all the nearby areas.

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