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Professional EV Charging

Assistance For Your Electric Vehicle

EV charging stations have yet to be implemented in as many locations as traditional gas stations. When your electric vehicle is running low on battery and you find yourself miles away from a charging station, Titan Towing is here to help get you to where you need to be with our EV services. 

Most EVs don’t come with any sort of backup batteries or other portable charging equipment. This can be troublesome if you misjudge your battery’s power during a long drive. Being stranded without a working vehicle is always an unnerving experience. Don’t worry, though! Titan Towing will take care of everything for you.

Tarrant County’s EV Services

We have a trailer specially designed to accommodate any electric vehicles that need roadside assistance. If your electric vehicle has run out of battery charge and is in need of a recharge, simply give us a call to schedule immediate help. Our EV charging trailer has the capability to give your EV enough of a battery boost to get you home or to the nearest supercharger– up to approximately 40 miles.

We are incredibly excited to be able to offer these services to Tarrant County and all its surrounding communities. The ability to service such a unique type of automobile allows us to provide an important service to the communities in our area that might drive electric vehicles.

Providing Expert EV Charging Assistance

We have the ability to charge all kinds of electric vehicles, not just Teslas! No matter what kind of EV you drive, we have the EV services to get you back on the road when you’re out of charge. With our charging trailer at the ready, we will be able to meet you anywhere at any time.

In the case of a bricked electric vehicle like a Tesla, our team possesses the tools and training to open a completely dead vehicle, get it charged, and back on the road in as little as one hour. Our EV charging services save you an extra tow to the dealership to get your vehicle turned back on. 

When an older Tesla or other EV is bricked, it’s important to remember that you can not just plug in the charger and expect that the vehicle will charge. You must first charge the older vehicle’s 12 volt battery before the vehicle’s charging system will allow the vehicle to accept a charge. Luckily, our technicians are well versed in the ins and outs of EV charging and how each make and model needs to be taken care of.

Call Titan Towing For EV Charging

If your vehicle happens to run out of charge while you’re out and about, don’t worry about getting to your next destination. If you need a recharge to get either to your home or to the closest super charger, look no further for your solution. Give us a call to get your EV rolling again in the Tarrant County area!

If you run a body shop or dealership where a vehicle might be brought in, left on your lot away from a charger, and go dead, then our EV services are the perfect addition to your business. Instead of buying expensive equipment or having the hassle of trying to move a bricked vehicle, let us take care of everything for you! Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of service to you.

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