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High-End Vehicle Towing

If you are in need of high-end vehicle towing, you need to rely on a reputable towing company for maximum efficiency. At Titan Towing, we transport all types of deluxe vehicles anywhere in Arlington, Fort Worth, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Dallas, TX, and the surrounding cities

High-End Vehicle Towing 24/7

At Titan Towing, our drivers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our speed, efficiency, and care we provide to your luxury vehicles are what make us stand out from the competition. 

We will tow your car safely, without any damage, and provide a top-notch specialty service. We pay extreme attention to tires, valances, bumpers, glass surfaces, etc, and securely attach your vehicle to keep it intact during transportation. 

If we transport your car in our flatbed truck, we will keep it off the road during transport. That way, we can guarantee maximum safety. Our mission is to give you a chance to relax and not worry about your vehicle while we do all the work.

How Our Service Works

When we tow your high-end vehicle, we use special equipment to provide a low-profile tie-down or attachment. First, one of our expert drivers will inspect the frame and wheels of your vehicle. Then, we’ll use only the correct anchors and straps to secure it and provide premium protection. We also offer heavy-duty towing for heavy-weight luxury vehicles. Our team is equipped to tow and transport: 

  • High-end luxury vehicles
  • High-performance cars
  • Lowrider cars
  • Antique or classic vehicles
  • Exotic motorcycles

Safety First

Our chief goal is fast high-end vehicle towing in Arlington and the entirety of North Texas. As car enthusiasts, we know what it’s like to own expensive vehicles. Owning a classic or luxury car comes with immense responsibility. We know that you constantly have to take care of its working condition and maintain its beauty. So, if you choose us, we’ll guarantee that your prized vehicle’s exterior and interior will remain spotless. Ultimately, that will keep its value intact. 

As mentioned, we’ll go to extreme lengths to keep your vehicle safe. Our technicians will go the extra mile by only taking the safest roads. They will dodge any potential hazard and keep it safe from harm by staying away from dangerous routes

While we can help you tow your vehicle to another city or another state, we also offer roadside assistance and emergency services. So, if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere, we respond quickly. If your vehicle has been damaged as the result of an accident, our technicians will ensure that it suffers no further damage during transport. 

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Titan Towing has been transporting luxury cars and antique vehicles for over ten years. We have successfully transported hundreds of high-end vehicles, while providing express towing and great service. You can depend on us to safely transport your expensive wheels without damage or other complications. For the best high-end vehicle towing service in TX, contact us today at Titan Towing!

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