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Municipal Towing

Choose Titan for Municipal Towing

If a vehicle is sitting on public or private property illegally, according to Texas law, the law enforcement can impound it. This is where municipal towing comes to play. This can result in a lengthy procedure and impound fees. These situations can be tricky, and you may incur additional administrative fees and have a difficult time retrieving your vehicle from the impound lot.

However, if the police warn you to move your vehicle, you can call a trusted towing company to move it away safely and efficiently for you. We at Titan Towing have a team of expert drivers that can arrive at your location in record time and save you the trouble of going through the legal procedure with the police department. You can also contact us for roadside removal or any other kind of vehicle towing service if you’re anywhere in the Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan area in North Texas.

Situations That Can Lead to Municipal Towing

Although this land is free, there are rules as to where you can and cannot park your vehicle. These regulations help avoid safety hazards and protect people’s rights.

  • Parking on private property
  • Blocking a street, sidewalk, or driveway
  • Illegally parking in the no-parking areas
  • Receiving excessive unpaid parking tickets, etc.

Private Property Removal

On the other hand, if you have a problem with nuisance or abandoned vehicles on your property, you can contact us for help. As a property manager or owner, you have the right to remove a vehicle parked without permission.

However, it’s best to call the police first. If you are dealing with an abandoned vehicle, police need to check if it was stolen. If that is indeed the case, the police will take care of the removal themselves.

Titan Towing has all the right equipment to remove the vehicle swiftly, and we can provide all the necessary notifications before towing it away. This type of service is free for the property manager or owner, since we get paid when the vehicle is picked up from our lot.


We also make partnerships with local residents and other communities to keep their parking lots free of any unwanted and illegally parked vehicles. Our team can even patrol the area at different times of the day and report any suspicious activity immediately. If you’re interested in that kind of arrangement, contact us, and we’ll design a customized solution that will serve your community best.

Titan Towing Is the Best Towing Partner You Can Have

At Titan Towing, we have over a decade of experience with all kinds of towing and roadside assistance services. Whether you’ve been in a car accident, your vehicle has stopped on the road, or you need a swift removal before your car gets impounded, you can contact us, and we’ll send our drivers and technicians to your rescue.

You’ll get exceptional service at a reasonable price, and we’ll make sure your vehicle arrives at the destination without a scratch. Lastly, you can expect an ethical approach and professional treatment from our highly qualified staff.

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