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Summer Road Trip? How to Reduce Your Odds of Breaking Down

Summer is almost here, which means many families and wanderers are planning trips. Whether you’re preparing for a destination trip or an impromptu exploration, it’s important to make sure your car is up to the job. Going on a road trip when your car needs repairs or maintenance is a bad idea that can end with you and your road trip partners stranded on the road. Be a responsible car owner and check your car’s most important parts before starting your trip.

Check All Fluid Levels

This includes your car’s gas, oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid and brake fluid. We recommend getting an oil and oil filter change before any major road trip, but you should also make sure your other fluids are okay before setting off. Running out of any of these on the road can cause a breakdown, and allowing these levels to get too low can even cause serious damage to your vehicle. If you aren’t sure about your fluid levels, take your car to a trusted mechanic who can check them for you.

Check the Battery

Dead batteries are the leading cause of car breakdowns, even though they’re completely avoidable. Have your battery tested before your trip to ensure it won’t break down in the middle of your trip.

Check Tires and Brake Pads

Flat tires and blowouts can be expensive, and they’re the last thing you want to encounter on the road. Change your car’s tires from winter to regular if you haven’t already, and make sure the tread isn’t too worn down. Check your tires for bumps or punctures, and stock up on supplies you’ll need if you do end up with a flat. Keep a compressor and plug kit in your car during your trip, just in case your tire is punctured during the trip.

You should also take your car to a mechanic to have your brake pads inspected. A brake pad failure can be just as dangerous as failing tires, and replacement pads are typically pretty cheap. Keep yourself and your road trip buddies safe by ensuring your brake pads and tires are in good condition.

Never Let Your Tank Hit ‘Empty’

When you’re on the road, try not to let your gas tank hit empty. Not only can it lead to a breakdown, but allowing your tank to reach empty can be bad for your car’s engine. We recommend treating a fourth of a tank as empty during a road trip. It’s easier to deal with a breakdown caused by an empty tank, but it’s still an issue that can be easily avoided.

Stranded on the Road? Call Titan Towing!

If you find yourself stranded on the road, Titan Towing can help. We’re available 24/7 to tow your car anywhere in Arlington, Mansfield or Fort Worth. Our team is equipped to deal with lockouts, breakdowns, accidents, and nearly every other automotive issue you might encounter. Countless insurance companies recommend Titan Towing, so give us a call when you’re in trouble!

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