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Roadside Assistance Scams to Watch Out For

Being stranded on the road with a broken down car can be an extremely scary, worrying experience. You should contact roadside assistance right away so you can get out of the road and have your car repaired right away. Unfortunately, this situation is a great opportunity for scammers to take advantage of you with fake roadside assistance services. Here are some scams to watch out for when calling for roadside assistance.

Unsolicited Towing Assistance

If an unmarked tow truck pulls up by your car and offers help, it’s best to respectfully decline. This is one of the most common scams you can encounter. A tow truck offering to help might seem like a lifesaving miracle, but accepting their help might actually land you in even deeper trouble. We always recommend contacting a reputable towing service and declining help from other tow trucks.

Suspicious Quotes

Another common roadside assistance scam is the incomplete quote. People using this tactic will give you one quote, and then add a list of unmentioned service fees when it’s time to pay. When getting a quote, always ask for the full price. This should include fuel, mileage, and service fees. Get the quote in writing and make sure your final total matches this number.

Missing Paperwork

When contacting a towing service, it’s best to always ask for a printed invoice and the complete set of paperwork. If the truck arrives and you’re handed incomplete paperwork, do not let them tow your vehicle. Make sure the service name on the paperwork matches the one printed on the tow truck, and check the total to make sure all charges are included in your quote and invoice. If the paperwork seems suspicious in any way, you’re fully within your rights to respectfully decline the service.

One-Destination Towing

If a towing company you’re speaking to says they only tow to one destination, we don’t recommend doing business with them. These companies will usually only tow to a specific auto repair shop, where you’ll be forced to pay more to have your car repaired right away. A reputable towing service will allow you to choose where your vehicle goes, and they won’t try to tell you where you should send it. Don’t let these scammers back you into a corner and force you to pay more money on the spot.

Not Accepting Roadside Assistance Programs

If you have your own roadside assistance plan, you should always choose to work with a company that’ll respect your program. Cash-only towing services should be avoided if you have a roadside assistance plan, and you should always deny anyone who claims they won’t work with your plan.

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