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Did Your Road Trip Plans Go Awry and Are You in Need of a Reliable Towing Service?

As the holidays roll around, many people plan special trips to take with their families and friends. Traveling by car is oftentimes less expensive than traveling on an airplane. Besides, road tripping gives you a reason to spend more time with your loved ones and bond. However, no matter how much planning is involved, some things are completely out of your control. Even if you took your car in for a maintenance check before taking the trip, you could still face technical difficulties on the road. Or, even if you’re a very cautious driver, you can’t control how others drive and could end up in an unforeseen accident. Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself needing a reliable towing service, Titan Towing is here for you. We service all of North Texas and we are only a call away.

Roadside Assistance

As soon as we arrive at the scene, our team will provide roadside assistance and we will tow as a last resort. Our roadside services include jump starts, battery replacements, fuel and fluid delivery, flat tire changes, and auto lockouts. Our service trucks are fully equipped to provide any assistance your vehicle may need. We are available 24/7 and will get to the scene as promptly as possible. We know that you have places to be, which is why our highly-trained staff provides fast and reliable towing services. 

If your vehicle is undergoing harsher issues or got wrecked in an accident, Titan Towing will safely tow your vehicle to your desired destination.

Flatbed Towing

Our tow trucks are designed with a flatbed which offers security for your vehicle. We can tow multiple cars at the same time, which allows you and the other person involved in the accident to split the costs. 

Our tow trucks have a special bed that rolls down at an angle. That way, we can winch the vehicle onto the bed, or drive it up if it’s in drivable condition. Your vehicle will be entirely off the ground with flatbed towing, so no additional damages will be incurred.

Some of the vehicles that we can tow are low-riders, motorcycles, forklifts and other equipment, vehicles without one or more wheels, SUVs, and trailer containers. If you have a pricey classic, it will be safe in safe hands too. 

Titan Towing Is Here for You

So, if your road tripping plans go awry and you find yourself on the side of the road, Titan Towing will get to you as quickly as possible. Our knowledgeable technicians will provide roadside assistance and do our best to get you back on the road. However, if your vehicle needs specialized care, we will tow it right then and there, and take it to your desired location. We handle every vehicle with extreme care, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Get in touch with us right away and we’ll be there promptly.

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