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Does Your New Car Need High-End Vehicle Towing?

So, you’ve been gifted a new car this holiday season, but you have gotten into an unforeseen accident? Or, you recently bought a new high-end vehicle but it broke down in the middle of the road? Whatever the case may be, we understand how frustrating it can be. That’s why Titan Towing is only a call away and we get to the site promptly. We service all of North Texas, and have handled all types of vehicles and models. Our expert technicians treat your vehicle like one of our own, and we safely and securely tow your vehicle to the desired location. 

What Is High-End Vehicle Towing?

Titan Towing provides extreme care and attention when handling your luxury vehicle. We are available 24/7, 365 days of the year. Our speed and efficiency is very competitive and we provide top-notch service. 

When we transport your vehicle, we use flatbed towing. The bed comes down at an angle and we winch the vehicle up or drive it onto the flatbed if it’s in drivable condition. This type of towing keeps your car completely off the ground. Therefore, no additional damages will be incurred and your tires will remain unused. Our expert team uses special equipment to provide a low-profile tie-down or attachment. We securely attach your vehicle to keep it intact, and pay close attention to the tires, bumpers, valances, and glass surfaces.

Your high-end vehicle will be in great hands. Titan Towing has years of experience working with luxury vehicles like your own, and we guarantee maximum safety.

Vehicles That We Service

Titan Towing handles all types of vehicles, including:

  • Lowrider cars
  • Exotic motorcycles
  • Antique or classic vehicles
  • High-performance cars
  • High-end luxury vehicles
  • Forklifts
  • SUVs
  • Trailer containers
  • Vehicles without wheels
  • Other equipment

Whatever vehicle you own, you can rest assured that Titan Towing will take good care of it. We can also tow multiple cars at the same time, in case you get in an accident and want to split towing costs with the other person involved. 

Our Top Priority Is Safety

We know what it’s like to own expensive, high-end vehicles. We are car enthusiasts ourselves! That’s why our team goes the extra mile to guarantee a safe towing experience. Our technicians only take the safest roads, even if that means adding a little extra time. We dodge potential hazards and stay away from dangerous routes. 

Our technicians can transport your vehicle to a different city or even state. We work together to communicate the safest routes and get your vehicle to the desired destination in a timely manner.

Titan Towing Is Here for You

If you get in an accident or are stuck in the middle of the road, get in touch with Titan Towing right away. Our team will get to you as quickly as possible. Our technicians will offer roadside assistance, and if the problem needs special attention, we will safely tow your high-end vehicle to an auto repair facility of your choosing. 

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