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5 Tips to Stay Safe While Driving at Night

Driving at night can be quite an adventure. Empty lanes, sparse traffic, and the sight of highway 180 wide open after the 6:00 rush winds down beckon to drivers who are ready to get home or get ahead of the next day’s journey. However, night driving can still present many unique challenges and dangers, even when there’s not a lot of traffic. 

Here are Titan Towing Arlington’s top five driving tips to stay safe during your nighttime excursion to ensure you arrive at your destination safely. 

Tip 1: Prepare for Your Trip Ahead of Time

To ensure you arrive at your destination safely, it’s best to plan out your trip ahead of time. Before driving at night, map out your route on Google Maps to see what cities and road hazards you’ll be driving through. 

Will you be going through a big city? Try to leave during off-hours to avoid rush hour traffic. Here in Texas, we have plenty of freeways to use, but due to accidents and ghost traffic, it can take a long time to get where you’re going, especially if you leave during peak traffic hours. 

Low visibility at night can also be dangerous, even for drivers with keen eyesight. To combat this, ensure your headlights and brights are ready to go. 

Are you driving at night through country back roads? Watch out for wildlife! Use caution and slow down if you come across nocturnal critters, like deer or raccoons.

Tip 2: Have a Plan and a Vehicle Emergency Kit

Next up on Titan Towing’s night driving vehicle preparation list, is to create an emergency plan. It’s not fun to plan for the unexpected, but it’s always best to be prepared.

Before you leave for your trip, we recommend completing the following procedures: 

Vehicle Inspection

  • Fill the tank with gas, get an oil change if needed, and clean windshields and mirrors
  • Get tires rotated and inflate tires if needed
  • Check engine and lights

Pack an emergency kit

  • Include a first-aid kit,  jumper cables, flares, cell phone charger, blankets, drinking water, and nutritious snacks
  • For an extensive list, check out National Safety Council’s suggestions here

Check the weather

  • Here in Texas, we don’t usually have to worry about snow. For this southern state, the thing to watch for is heavy rain and winds. Before heading out on your trip, take a look at the radar and chart your course accordingly. 

Tip 3: Stay Awake 

Did you know that it’s just as dangerous to drive while drowsy as it is to drive drunk? Additionally, according to a study done by AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, missing one to two hours of nightly sleep doubles the driver’s risk of crashing. 

So, how can you prepare ahead of time? Get a full night’s rest ahead of your trip. If it helps, consider having a bit of extra caffeine before your night-time drive as well. If you’ll be up late driving, maybe have a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea with dinner before setting out on your trek. 

While driving at night, you can play lively music and open up windows to stay awake. A bit of fresh air can help perk you up a bit too. 

However, if you’re driving and your fatigue only gets worse, it’s best to take a break. Find a hotel nearby and stay for the night, or even pull off at a travel station or rest stop and take a nap. Not only is it better to take a break than drive impaired and sleepy, but resting could also save your life. 

Tip 4: Driving at Night Means Driving Defensively

Defensive driving is a good habit because it ensures attentiveness. Continue maneuvering vigilantly – your nighttime driving trip is not the time to peel out and test any audacious moves. Take your time, watch carefully, and operate your vehicle with caution. 

Tip 5: Immediately Contact Roadside Assistance in an Emergency

Despite our best planning efforts, sometimes things can still take a turn for the unexpected. In the event of a car accident, dial 9-1-1, and then call roadside assistance. Depending on your car insurance, you may also be able to get help through their app. Make sure you know what resources are available to you before anything happens!

If you encounter a dangerous situation, get to a safe location. Don’t make any rash decisions. Take a few deep breaths and call for help. 

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