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What to Do After Getting in a Minor Car Accident

There is no doubt that getting into a car accident is a scary occurrence. In the moment, you will likely feel overwhelmed and not know what exactly to do. There are a few steps you should always take in the event of an accident, and we are going to guide you through them today. If you are in need of any towing services or roadside assistance anywhere around Arlington or Fort Worth, make sure to call Titan Towing. Unlike our competitors, we care about your well-being and getting you help, not taking your money.

Call for Police

The first thing to do in the event of an accident is contact the local police. Getting a police report on file can help you later on when filing an insurance claim. Even if you do not plan on pursuing legal action, it is good to get the situation documented, just in case. It is better to explain how and why an accident occurred when it is fresh in your mind than when time has already passed.

Get Medical Attention

Regardless of how you are feeling immediately after a car accident, it is always a good idea to be examined by a doctor. The adrenaline and fear of being in an accident will likely make you feel like nothing is wrong, but you never truly know what is happening inside of your body. Not all injuries are external, so let a medical professional make the call.

A big reason people decide to not seek medical attention following an accident is because they simply want the situation to be over with. Denying medical attention can have negative effects on the outcome of an insurance claim, so to be safe, visit a doctor after an accident.

Contact Roadside Assistance

Once you have spoken to police and are looked at by a doctor, it is time to deal with your vehicle. Until you are certain the car is still safe to drive, you probably should not try to drive it away from the scene. This is when you should call for roadside assistance and a towing service. Roadside assistance can examine your car and tell you if there is something wrong with it beyond cosmetic issues. Whether you want the car brought home or taken to a mechanic, they can also ensure this happens safely. Titan Towing’s 24/7 roadside assistance and towing services are always ready to be at your side when an accident occurs, no matter when or where.

Titan Towing: Helping DFW Residents Through Accidents

After an accident, you will likely feel rushed with adrenaline and panic. It is easy to get caught up and skip over some of the important steps you should take afterward. Calling for a police officer and seeking medical attention will help you get the incident officially cataloged and will make the insurance process a little easier. Reaching out to roadside assistance is also vital after an accident, because you do not want to drive a damaged car. Titan Towing provides the best, most affordable towing and wrecker services in all of Arlington and Fort Worth. Call us at (817) 804-0334 or visit our website to get help now. We are fully insured and always ready to go.

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