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Unethical Towing Companies in DFW

If you have had a vehicle towed in the last 15 years in the DFW area that was “illegally” parked at an apartment complex, or other parking facility, chances are good that you were towed by Excalibur Towing or Matrix Tow. These two companies were actually one and the same and the brainchild of their owner Nick Massey. In 2016, Excalibur Towing, eventually Matrix Tow, was shut down by the State of Texas. At the time they were shut down, Excalibur Towing was operating impound facilities in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas.  As of August, of last year, they were operating under yet another name in Arkansas. More information about them can be found here.

Not all companies that do private property towing or abandoned vehicle removal are created the same. Titan Towing provides these services, but we take our high-level of customer service with us when branching out to provide this type of towing. As a company policy, we do not provide towing for apartment complexes, trailer parks, and other commercial properties that provide housing as its primary focus of business. We have found, over the years, that typically, some managers or management companies will use the towing company to intimidate residents. We have decided, as an ethical company, that this isn’t something we are interested in doing to people where they are supposed to feel safe.

We also have stopped offering patrol services for private property accounts and are no longer signing up new properties that are requesting patrol services. We view this practice as predatory. Many times, we have seen drivers from other companies doing things that are unethical to tow a vehicle that was otherwise in compliance with the parking facility requirements. Often, these facility managers are getting a kick-back on every vehicle towed, so they will look the other way when a complaint is made against the contracted towing company. As a result of this, we only provide “On Call Only” services and in our contract, it is clearly defined who is allowed to authorize removal of vehicles from the property. All our calls are recorded should there be any confusion as to who authorized the tow of the vehicle and why.

Towing businesses in DFW, and other areas, have earned a bad reputation over the years. There are still unethical towing businesses who are operating and have been fined for the way they conduct business. However, as we mentioned in a previous blog, an important tool that can be used prior to needing a tow, in Texas, is the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) violations database. It can easily be searched, online, to see which towing companies have not complied with Texas licensing laws. The laws are in place to protect Texas consumers from companies that may be out to make a quick buck rather than offering a service built on ethical business practices.

The industry is slowly starting to make a good name for itself again with companies like Titan Towing leading the way. Should you need a towing service with outstanding customer service and the reputation to back it up, then please give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with our brand of private property and abandoned vehicle removal services!

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