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The Dangers of Working on Your Car on the Roadside

For most people, buying a vehicle is one of the biggest financial investments they can make. While owning a vehicle is an important part of living in the modern world that comes with exciting opportunities and freedoms, it can also turn into a frustrating nightmare if you find yourself dealing with an emergency somewhere along the side of a busy road. At Titan Towing, our team has been helping drivers out of tough situations on the roads of Dallas and Fort Worth, TX with towing and roadside assistance for years. We know just how dangerous it can be to try and tackle car repairs while stuck on the side of a road.

Even with proper preventative care and regular maintenance, there is always a chance that you will have to deal with an unexpected situation while driving. Making sure that you are prepared for these types of situations, and that you’re able to handle problems in a safe, responsible way can be extremely important when protecting the integrity of your vehicle and also your safety. To help drivers get a better understanding of things to avoid when deciding to handle road repairs on their own, we’ve decided to spend a little time going over some things to be cautious about and avoid when dealing with car trouble.

Replacing a Tire

Every year, the techniques used to create tires are becoming more and more sophisticated, but this doesn’t mean that tires are immune to sharp objects or unexpected deflation. While changing out a tire is not a particularly challenging process, it can require time and effort that might distract you from the real dangers of being on the side of a road.

Before diving into a tire replacement, make every possible effort to get your car out of a busy roadway so you have enough room to work and can feel confident that you will not be putting yourself at risk during the process. If you have any concerns about oncoming traffic being a problem while replacing a tire, then remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry, and think about calling for help from a tow service.

Running Out of Gas

If you’re in a tough situation and trying to push your vehicle to its limits to reach a destination, you might be forced to deal with your engine suddenly giving up as it runs out of gas. If you’re on a busy road when this happens then it could be dangerous for quite a few reasons, and you should make every effort to immediately move as far off the road as possible to keep yourself and your vehicle safe from a sudden collision.

More importantly, be extremely cautious if you’re thinking about getting out of the vehicle in these situations because opening your door into a busy road can be dangerous for you and other drivers. If you don’t have a spare gas tank in your vehicle, or if you are not anywhere near a gas station, then you should consider staying in your vehicle and calling for roadside assistance instead.

A Dead Battery

While this may not be as common of a problem as a flat tire or an empty tank, a dead battery is a problem that could lead to all kinds of headaches if you’re stuck somewhere on the road when it happens. While you may be tempted to call a friend for help and work out the best way to do a jump-start to get your vehicle going again, keep in mind that if you’re on a roadway and not in a parking lot, then you’re putting yourself, your friend, and other drivers at risk.

Trying to bring two cars together for a jump-start can be hard even in a parking lot, and if you’re trying to do this on a busy roadway then you could be in for even more trouble than you started in while trying to get a second vehicle close enough to your battery to connect your jumper cables properly. Instead, consider having your vehicle towed to a mechanic so you can have your car inspected and your battery changed to avoid running into the exact same problem sooner than you’d like.

Titan Provides Safe Towing in Fort Worth and All of DFW

If you’re dealing with car trouble on a busy roadway in the Arlington, TX area, the last thing you want is to make your situation even worse by damaging your vehicle or even getting injured yourself. Instead of struggling to take care of a problem yourself in such a dangerous situation, your best option is to contact our team at Titan Towing so we can help get you and your vehicle to a safe location where the work can be done properly. Don’t hesitate to contact our team right away to find out more about our roadside assistance services in Fort Worth or to get a tow for your vehicle.

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