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Stay Safe While Waiting for a Tow

Some safety tips that many people are aware of while waiting for a tow truck to arrive are to turn on their hazard lights and to make sure their vehicle is out of the way of traffic. There are also several other precautions for drivers in the Dallas Fort Worth area that can ensure you are doing everything possible to keep yourself out of harm’s way until help arrives.

After turning on your hazard lights and making sure your car is out of traffic:

Stay in Your Vehicle

There are countless videos online which show people, civilians and emergency personnel alike, narrowly escaping oncoming traffic, yet people often think it won’t happen to them.

Unless your vehicle is on fire, it really is the safest place to be when you are having car trouble on the road. As tempting as it may be to get out and inspect your vehicle for damage in a minor fender bender, or to see why it stopped running, staying inside of it until your tow truck driver arrives is the safest place you can be. This is especially true at night and when you’re on the side of a busy highway. Your car, even when it’s disabled, provides a level of protection you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Be Cautious if Approached by Others

Be aware of your surroundings before a tow truck arrives and lock all of your doors. If anyone other than a police officer, or other public safety official, approaches your car, be cautious. Many people mean no harm and only want to help, but there are others who want to take advantage of your situation. If someone, other than a safety officer, approaches, do not roll down your window completely. Crack your window and let them know help is on the way. Never accept a ride from anyone.

Get the Name and License Number of Your Tow Truck Driver

When you call for a tow truck, it’s important to get the name and license number of the driver who will be assisting you. This will ensure your safety against unscrupulous tow truck drivers who want to fraudulently take your money or your vehicle. Reputable, licensed companies like Titan Towing will gladly provide you with their name and state license number prior to assisting you.

Keeping all of these safety precautions in mind can ensure you will keep your disabled vehicle, and yourself, out of a much more detrimental situation.

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