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Leave the Middle Man out of Roadside Assistance

One of the most helpful options that full-service towing companies provide is roadside assistance in DFW which includes service for things like flat tires, battery service, fuel delivery, and lockouts. Many insurance companies and credit card companies offer this coverage, but be aware that the services that these companies offer, may not be your best option and can be an unneeded extra cost on your credit card or insurance plan.

Unnecessary Extra Costs

According to, costs for roadside assistance can vary widely with very basic plans starting at around $40 to $60 the first year, with increased or additional benefits costing hundreds of dollars a year. Cars with OnStar plans, for GM vehicles, can range from $20 to $35 per month. Consumer Reports also states that credit card companies, such as Chase Bank’s Roadside Dispatch Service costs about $60 per incident and includes towing only up to five miles, and other basic roadside assistance such as tire changing.

Even if you’re one to lock yourself out of your vehicle or run out of gas on a regular basis, paying extra on your insurance policy or paying an on-going or one-time fee to your credit card company for services that they do not specialize in, may not be the best idea. This is not only because it can be costly, but because many people who have tried to utilize these services from their insurance or credit card company have not had the best experience.

Unhappy Insurance and Credit Card Customers

Do a quick Google search for reviews about roadside assistance provided by third parties like insurance and credit card companies and the results may surprise you. Complaints range from “waiting for hours for roadside assistance” to coverage not available in certain areas even when that area is within twenty miles of a major city. This is more than likely because when you’re using a third party to obtain roadside assistance, you’re adding an extra company in the mix which automatically results in more time needed to take care of the problem. Also, oftentimes, the companies offering these services may not know much about towing and roadside assistance at all.

Call Directly

Calling a full-service towing company, like Titan Towing, directly can help you in a cost-effective, efficient way. Titan Towing helps alleviate unnecessary costs, time, and frustration for whatever your roadsides services needs may be from lock-outs, jump-starts, battery replacement, winch-outs, mud-pulls, recoveries, and fuel deliveries. And, the feedback from Titan Towing’s customers speaks volumes about the stellar services that Titan offers. One customer had a bad experience with her insurance company’s roadside assistance or lack thereof, so she contacted Titan Towing and was helped right away.

Her Yelp Review states:

When our fuel pump went out on a busy Fort Worth highway on a late Saturday night, a call to the insurance company couldn’t even find us a tow, despite searching for nearly an hour. I started calling area companies myself and was met with several unanswered calls, a 3 hour wait estimate, and even told by one they could come the following Monday morning. Considering we didn’t want to be imprisoned for the next 3-30 hours, I kept making my way down the list.

Thankfully, Chance at Titan answered and said he could get to us in less than an hour, following the drop off he was making. He was not only a clear communicator that exceeded the expectations he set, but also extremely professional and efficient. To top it all off, the total charges came in about $10 under what the insurance company had quoted.

As much as we hated to need their services, this company went above and beyond to make things as seamless as possible.”

The services provided by Titan Towing speak for themselves, so when it comes to roadside assistance think twice about paying extra to your insurance or credit card company and give Titan Towing a call anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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