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How to Choose a Good Towing Company

There are lots of towing companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Some are full-service, like Titan Towing, while others only do tows. No matter what type of service you need, there are some important factors to consider when choosing a towing company.

State Certification 

First and foremost, a towing company should be certified through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) The TDLR makes sure tow truck companies adhere to safety standards to keep you and their drivers safe. The department performs inspections to make sure Texas tow truck companies:

  • Are following adopted drug test policies
  • Have tow operator licenses up-to-date
  • Have proof of Liability Insurance
  • Have a manufacturer’s data plate, or document from the manufacturer, stating the capacity of their boom, winch, or carry mechanism
  • Have a winch in good condition (not exceeding capacity of boom or leaking oil)
  • Keep hydraulic lines free of leaks and in good condition
  • Have cables meeting manufacturer’s specifications and in good condition
  • Display signage properly

A good towing company will be fully certified and have a clean record with the state.  Making sure that a towing company is licensed is as easy as going to the TDLR website above. The site also provides access to customer complaints, so you will know which companies to avoid.


Fair pricing is a good indicator that a towing company is not out to just make a buck, but to continually build their customer base by providing affordable rates.  A quick Google search can give you a good idea of what the going rate is for a variety of towing services.  A rate that seems too good to be true probably is and may not be from a reputable company with long term goals of staying in business.

Fast Service and Expertise 

Since it’s usually a stressful situation that prompts your need for a towing company in the first place, calling a company already known for their ability to quickly and accurately assist drivers will help put your mind at ease. No one wants a tow driver who takes a long time to show up and then isn’t sure of how to handle a situation.

Customer Satisfaction 

One of the best ways to determine which towing companies provide excellent service is from customer feedback on Google and Yahoo.

Following is Titan Towing‘s customer feedback which speaks volumes about their quality service and expertise:

Google Reviews

C.J. Shull 

“I was in an accident unfortunately and my Jeep was sitting in the middle of an intersection. The police warned me if I wasn’t able to move it in the next 15 minutes it would have to be towed by a city wrecker. Titan was fast enough to get there and move my vehicle and save me the outrageous bill from the impound. Big recommendations!”

Shane Neuser  

“Very honest and friendly. They have fair prices and make a bad situation as smooth as they can.”

Cary Miller 

“Fantastic service. I had called 6 other tow companies trying to find a wrecker due to my insurance sanctioned tower running late. Most tow companies are not personable and are extremely hesitant to give you a realistic expectation. The individual who helped me gave me a honest time window and arrived before it, on a very cold and rainy day. Not only met but exceeded my expectations. Too often we rely on the cheapest tower, and service suffers because of it. I am very thankful for the level and care that was provided and will definitely use Titan Towing again.”

Google User 

“They were very friendly and helpful! Very reasonable price. They even took my boyfriend to get his car so he could come pick me up at the car shop for no extra charge. I highly recommend them to everyone.”

Google User 

“These guys are the only tow guys that I have ran across that keep wooden ramps, my car is very low to the ground and they took the time to keep the car from tearing up the bumper cover. No extra charge! Will do business again.”

Yahoo Reviews


“Great service. Very affordable, fast, and flexible! I broke down on 30 in Arlington and Kyle was there in less than 30 minutes.”


“I ran out of gas last week and my husband couldn’t get there for a long time. I had my toddler daughter with me so I was anxious to get on the road again. Kyle from Titan Towing showed up quickly and was very friendly and helpful. Even spoke to my daughter and was very sweet to her, putting her at ease with a stranger messing with Mommy’s car! Very grateful to Titan Towing and will definitely use them if I need a tow or roadside assistance again (but hopefully not any time soon!). Highly recommend to you and yours!”

When selecting a towing business, a certified, knowledgeable company with fair pricing, fast service and customer satisfaction is key. Titan Towing meets all of these factors and can make your towing experience the best it can be.

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