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Beware These 4 Early Warning Signs of Tire Failure

The best thing you can do for your vehicle is preventive maintenance. It helps prevent tire failure, which is a common problem that drivers have. You should always keep an eye on your tires. These are the only parts of your car that have direct contact with the ground at all times. They play a key role in the car’s handling and braking, which affects you and your passengers’ safety. To ensure that your car’s tires are always working in top condition, we recommend getting regular maintenance. On your end, stay up-to-date with inspections and inflations. It’s best to catch an issue before it becomes a hazard. Here are 4 early warning signs of tire failure to keep in mind.

Blisters and Bulges

The surface of your vehicle’s tires is a great indicator of their condition. If you notice blisters or bulges on the surface of your tires, it means that the surface is weak. It’s an early sign that your tires could be in bad shape.

Vehicle Vibration

Has your car been vibrating more than usual when out on the road? Although there are many possible reasons why your vehicle is vibrating, tire failure is a common one. Don’t ignore the warning signs. Get your vehicle inspected.

Sidewall Cracking or Cuts

Seeing cracks or cuts on your tire’s sidewall is never a good sign. It could mean that the tires are beginning to leak, and it could also mean that a blowout is possible at any time.

Low Tread Levels

One of the best early warning signs is low tread levels. The tread on your tires will get worn out as you drive, but it shouldn’t get past an eighth of an inch. Once it gets too low, it can cause many issues and even car accidents.

Another early warning sign is if the tread is unevenly worn out. This can be caused by misaligned wheels, improper inflation, damaged tires, or problems with suspension parts.

Inspect Tires Regularly 

Titan Towing recommends inspecting your tires on a weekly basis. It’s very simple and only takes a minute. Walk around your car and look for any warning signs mentioned above. If you find any of these signs, take your car to a professional to get inspected. The best solution is preventative maintenance. It saves you money in the long run and prevents accidents. 

Titan Towing Is Here for You 

If you experience tire failure when on the road, get in touch with Titan Towing immediately. Our expert technicians will get to you as quickly as possible and offer a couple of solutions. We can provide air delivery or change out your flat tire right on the spot. We can also tow your vehicle to your desired location. Whatever the case may be, we have the solution. We have been servicing the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area for many years. We are one of the top towing companies in Texas, and we are only a call away.

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