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Avoid the Need for a Tow During the Winter Months

Winter weather is just around the corner in DFW bringing the possibility of snow, ice, and increased calls to Titan Towing. During prior winters, we have seen how severe weather can create an unintended ice rink on the roadways of Fort Worth, Arlington, the Mid-Cities, and everywhere in-between. However, that does not mean you will be the one who may need a tow if you take some simple precautions.

The most obvious way, as announced by all of the area news stations each time snow and ice occurs, is to stay off the roads until the weather clears. However, many people don’t have that luxury as they have tomake their way to and from work. If you have to venture out, below are some guidelines that can lessen the chance of an accident.

Drive Slowly and Allow Space  

It seems like common sense, but a driver’s reaction time is much better when driving at a slower rate of speed rather than when in a rush.  This is true no matter what the weather is like. Nonetheless, in bad weather there are always those drivers who can’t seem to slow down and sooner or later find themselves sliding out of control.

For drivers who understand the importance of taking it slow, it’s also important to leave plenty of space between yourself and other drivers or objects when the roads are bad. Even when traveling at a slower pace, slick roads can make it impossible to avoid a slow impact if you don’t allow enough room between yourself and other drivers and objects.

Use Your Vehicle’s Safety Features 

Most new vehicles, manufactured within the past few years, come standard with safety features designed to keep you out of harm’s way. One very important feature isanti-lock brakes (ABS). ABS can prevent your car from locking up on a slick road allowing you to brake and steer effectively.

Prior to cars having ABS, drivers were told to “pump” their brakes in icy weather to avoid the brakes from locking up. With ABS, the opposite is true. It is NOT necessary to pump your brakes as this may disable the ABS preventing you from braking and steering properly as needed. Just apply firm pressure to ABS brakes which will ensure the system works as it should.

Another feature of some cars or trucks that can help in slick conditions, and especially in snow, is four–wheel or all-wheel drive. Maneuverability is much easier with four-wheel drive and can prevent your vehicle from getting stuck.

Even when following the safety measures mentioned above and utilizing your car’s safety features, sometimes an accident just can’t be avoided in severe winter weather. If you are involved in an accident or find yourself stranded due to a vehicle malfunction, the best advice from seasoned tow truck drivers is to stay in your vehicle if at all possible. This will lessen the chance of injury if other drivers lose control due to the snow and ice.

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