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Abandoned Vehicle On My Property: What Are My Next Steps?

If you have an abandoned vehicle on your property, it can be a major eyesore. Not only is it an unsightly addition to your landscape, but it can also decrease the value of your property.

Furthermore, abandoned vehicles can attract vandals and other criminal elements. However, before you take any action, it’s important to understand your legal rights.

In most cases, you cannot simply remove an abandoned vehicle. Instead, you must follow a specific process that involves notifying the owner of the vehicle, if possible, and giving them a chance to remove it. If that isn’t possible, then you still have options that we’ll discuss in a moment.

First, however, it’s important to understand whether the vehicle is truly abandoned. So, what are some of the signs?

8 Signs A Vehicle Is Abandoned

Having an abandoned vehicle on your property or in your neighborhood can be unsettling. Speculation intensifies the longer that it sits there with no one to claim it. Maybe the owner is missing as the result of foul play. Thieves are active in the area. You get the picture.

If you are a business or property owner in Euless, Bedford, Mansfield, and some of our surrounding communities, how do you know when the vehicle is truly abandoned? Here are some true signs that a vehicle is abandoned:

  • It’s been in the same spot for more than a week with no activity around it.
  • There is significant damage to the vehicle (i.e., broken or missing windows).
  • One or more tires are flat.
  • The inside has trash and other debris.
  • There are no license plates.
  • The steering wheel is locked.
  • Doors are secured with chains or padlocks.
  • The vehicle lacks current registration stickers.

Also, it helps to know your neighbors. Compare notes with them, if possible. This can expedite the decision to call and get the abandoned vehicle removal process underway.

Need to Report an Abandoned Vehicle?

Do your due diligence first. The last thing you want is for the owner to resurface and take legal action against you for towing their car. If the vehicle has not moved for 48 hours, you may choose to call your local Police Department. If the jurisdiction is Haslet or Hurst, for instance, you’ll want to call those Departments directly.

If it’s in a location outside city limits, then defer to your nearest Sheriff’s Office. These legal entities will have a deeper knowledge of waiting periods and any other legal hurdles to clear before towing. 

Once you know for certain that you’re clear to tow it, you can call Titan Towing, especially if you’re anywhere in the Mid-Cities area. We respond quickly to remove any nuisance vehicles from the area.

What Happens Once Abandoned Vehicles Are Towed?

Once our towing company arrives on the scene, we will assess the situation and determine the best way to remove the vehicle. If the vehicle is parked in a dangerous or illegal location, we have the capability of moving it to a safer spot without risk or injury to the property owner.

Our first step will be to establish those communications and verify ownership of the property. From there, we will hook up the vehicle and transport it to our impound lot in Fort Worth. Your obligation as the reporting party is done.

What If Owner Comes Back After Abandoned Vehicle Removal?

You may have had an abandoned vehicle towed from your property for a number of reasons. Maybe it was blocking the driveway, or maybe it was in such disrepair that it posed a safety hazard.

Whatever the reason, you did what you felt was necessary to protect your property. But now the owner has finally returned, and he is wondering what you did with his vehicle.

The first thing you should do is calmly explain why you had the vehicle towed. Refer them to our office in Arlington to begin the procedure of retrieving their vehicle.

However, if the owner is angry or belligerent, it may be best to call the police and let them handle the situation. In either case, remain calm and polite, and try to resolve the situation in a way that is best for everyone involved.

Are You Tired of Looking at an Abandoned Vehicle On Your Property?

We get it. At Titan Towing, we are here to help, and we’re ready to respond. Remember before taking aggressive action, however, to protect yourself from any potential liabilities by going back over the material above and making sure you’re not missing anything.Ready for a tow? Give Titan Towing a call today. We’re eager to help you in any way that we can, and that includes around-the-clock service, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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